Oh hi!

Anna Zietz and Erica Verges are the co-founders of Glad & Young– a design studio producing fun-loving leather goods that are dreamed up and created by hand in their Atlanta, GA studio. Since 2015 they have set out to make bags and accessories that are daring, colorful, and full of personality. Functionality is and will always be their first priority, but on top of that the products are designed to solve problems (yes they did make sure their computer tote perfectly holds three bottles of wine), and they’ll last you long enough to pass on to your grandkids. Their mission is to create bags that are exciting to own, and as empowering as the person who carries them.

Our Team

It may have started as a team of two, but as Glad & Young has grown, so has the team. We have the privilege of hiring and working alongside a small team of badass women who continue to make our products and your experience better. It takes a village.

Our Studio

As of October 2019 we have opened up our process to the curious gaze of Citizen Supply shoppers. Our studio is located inside of Ponce City Market, in the back of Citizen Supply on the second floor. Please feel free to swing by, say hello, and see what goes into making each of our products. Want to join in on the fun? We offer monthly workshops. See our upcoming events HERE

Our Social Mission

We donate 15% of our proceeds every month to causes near to our hearts. In July, we are donating to the Tender Foundation an Atlanta nonprofit empowering all mamas by making essentials accessible. We would love it if you would give them a follow, donate and volunteer if you can.